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Update on patient access to Dr Myhill - June 2018

Please note that due to Dr Myhill’s extremely heavy workload the following policies will still apply:

1.No new patient consultations are currently being accepted.

2.‘Correspondence only’ patients (i.e. those who have had testing done through Dr Myhill but have never spoken with her at a consultation) may order
repeat or other tests as required.

3. All other test requests from non-patients remain suspended.

I believe my increased workload is due to the recent book I published about CFS. Details of this book can be found here - "Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS and ME - it's mitochondria, not hypochondria" and many answers lie within!

If you need help from a doctor, then please go to the website of the British Society for Ecological Medicine to find a doctor interested in and practising environmental medicine.


DIY Blood Tests

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) now offer blood tests which can be can be done with a few drops of blood into a “tiny” blood tube. Kits can be sent from the laboratory direct to patients for home testing so long as any result can be requested with the result being received and interpreted by a doctor. This will be so helpful for people wishing to do blood tests but simply do not have the time to do this. Furthermore all tests can be done in complete confidence.

Using TDL TINIES has obvious appeal for ranges of tests. Examples of these are:

  • Vitamin D (25 OH) with or without Calcium
  • TFTs (freeT4, free T3 and TSH)
  • Lipids (cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides)
  • HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar control)
  • prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Omega 3/6
  • Hormones (3 or 4 per TINY - Testosterone, FSH, Oestradiol, Progesterone, Prolactin, SHBG, pregnenolone etc)
  • Sexual Health (HIV, Syphilis, Hep BsAg, Hep C Abs – can all be taken from one TINY)

TINI samples can be accompanied by urine or swab samples.

City Assays also offer a Home Test Kit for Vitamin D - please see the relevant test page for further details - City Assays Vitamin D Home Test Kit

Correspondence by email

If you choose to correspond with my office by email, please, ensure that the email addresses of my secretaries are added to your "safe addresses" list. We have now had many cases of messages with attachments (my letter and your results) not reaching the recipient's Inbox. Around the time when your letter is due, you should also check your JUNK and SPAM folders, in case the message was diverted there.

The email addresses from which your letter and results are most likely to be emailed are:

  • gail@doctormyhill.co.uk Gail (gail@doctormyhill.co.uk )

Avoiding nutritional supplements before the test

I am often asked whether any nutritional supplements should be discontinued prior to the tests. There is no need to stop the supplements you are taking; however, it is important to list the current supplements in the questionnaire so that I am aware of your nutritional regime. Where you are healthwise on your current supplement regime is going to be the baseline. After all, if your current supplement regime was giving you the level of wellbeing that you were satisfied with, you would not be paying for more tests. Thinking logically, what you are taking is not sufficient and the tests will identify the weak spots in the regime you are following.

Overseas enquiries


  • The tests on this website are only available to UK residents. The only exception is the Mitochondrial Function Profile, which is available worldwide. If this test is requested, then the DNA adducts and/or the Translocator protein studies tests are made available on the basis of the findings of the Mitochondrial Function Profile. Please, request further information from my office about this offer.
  • If in my letter I recommend further tests to investigate your condition and they cannot be done locally to where you live, then you will be able to order these tests through my office. However, we will not proceed with the tests for which samples cannot be reliably guaranteed to reach the laboratory in viable, satisfactory condition. This is to avoid a financial loss to you.
  • If you are sending blood samples for the Mitochondrial function profile from outside the UK, please read the page Mitochondrial function profile for overseas CFS sufferers - how to get it done

How do I order tests?

The ordering process is as follows:

  • Dr Myhill will always look at every result and if there is urgent or significant pathology then she will advise accordingly.
  • Fill in the administration and the medical questionnaire. You will find this at Medical questionnaires page.
  • List the test(s) you wish to order.
The questionnaire is also your order page. At the bottom you will find a space where you will list the test(s) you want by copying and pasting the relevant details from the test page(s). The questionnaire gives more details of how to do this.
  • Send the completed medical questionnaire including the test order to my office.
    • Email: Gail (gail@doctormyhill.co.uk) Please, enter TEST ORDER in the subject of your email.
    • Postal address: Upper Weston, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys LD7 1SL
  • Calculate the cost of your order and make the payment. Payment in full is required before a test kit is posted. (see below for details of cost)
  • If you have any questions about the ordering process or the availability of tests not listed on this website, please send your enquiry to Gail.
  • All results and interpretations will be sent to you at the email address you have given. You can then choose to share that information with your GP and/or other therapists.

Turn around times - important points to bear in mind

Test kits

  • Test kits for Acumen tests are posted from my office with Royal Mail.
  • Most kits are posted directly from the laboratory such as the TDL TINIES and Genova Diagnostics UK. We order these kits on receipt of your payment.
  • There is no express service for the delivery of test kits.
  • For UK addresses please allow up to 10 working days (a fortnight in real time) to receive the test kit(s) from the time your payment and your completed Medical Questionnaire are received at the office.
  • For overseas addresses, allow longer as the length of time depends on the local postal services.
  • Test kits will be posted/shipped to the address you have provided in the questionnaire, and not to your doctor.

Interpretation of test results

  • I am a sole practitioner and divide my working time between consultations with patients, correspondence and analysis of test results. I am not able to offer an express service for the interpretation of test results.
  • Most test results take 7 - 10 days to come back from the labs. Some, such as CDSA, take up to 3 weeks.
  • When your test results arrive back from the laboratories, the work on your file will be scheduled in the diary in strictly chronological order. The waiting time may be several weeks. You are welcome to contact my office and find out the date on which I will be interpreting and advising.

How much will it cost?

Total cost of the service

  • The total cost of the service is made up of
    • the price of the test(s) ordered and
    • the fee for my letter of interpretation and advice.
    • please note that there is a fee of £7 for INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER payments. This is to cover the charges banks levy at our business for such transactions.

Test prices

  • Test prices are published on individual test pages.

Interpretation fee

  • The word “interpretation” in the phrase “interpretation fee” is really a short-cut for “detailed advice based on the test result interpreted in the context of all the information provided to me in the questionnaire”. Consequently, the better the questionnaire, the more accurate my interpretation will be. My interpretation fee for one test result (or for the first test result in a batch of tests ordered at the same time) currently stands at £165, (£300 for the mitochondrial function test). You are requested to pay this and the cost of your test(s) in the usual way before the kits are sent out.
  • Interpreting the TDL TINIES tests takes less time and the interpretation fee for these tests is £73, assuming 20 minutes of my time.
  • An important factor which affects the length of time I need to dictate my letter is the amount of information you send me. Naturally, I need more time to read a very detailed account of a long history of ill-health and review a considerable number of earlier NHS or private test results. The interpretation fee needs to reflect this. Once the result of your test is back, I will work on your file and if the work takes me longer than 30 minutes, there will be an additional fee currently not exceeding £55.
  • You will be asked on the questionnaire to confirm that you will meet such an extra interpretation cost.
  • If you order several tests at the same time then the fee for my advice will be: £165 (£230 for the Mito tests) for the first test result (as above) plus £36.00 for each additional test result. However if you are requesting the CDSA test then because this is a more time consuming interpretation that will currently cost £73 as such an addition.


Example 1

  • In each case there is the proviso that the interpretation fee may be higher than the initial amount charged.

If you order one test only, for instance Thyroid profile: free T3, free T4 and TSH, then the total cost of the service will be:

  • test price - £63 plus
  • interpretation fee - £165
  • Total - £228

Example 2

If you order several tests together, such as, for instance:

then the costing will be like this:

  • cost of tests - £331
  • interpretation fee - £165 + 4 x £73 = £457
  • Total - £788

Example 3

If you order several tests together, and one of them is the Mitochondrial Function Profile:

then the costing will be like this:

  • cost of tests - £444
  • interpretation fee - £220 + £36.00 + £36.00 = £292
  • Total - £736

Queries about the ordering process can be sent to Gail (gail@doctormyhill.co.uk )

How do I pay for the test(s)?

You need to pay in full for your tests and my letter of interpretation to your GP before test kits are sent out. The following payment methods are available:

online BACS payment

  • to Barclays Account Number 90234265, Sort Code 20.61.08

international bank transfer

  • IBAN - GB06 BARC 2061 0890 2342 65

Please, note that we will charge a fee of £7 for INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER payments. This is to cover the amount that banks deduct from the sum being transferred across borders.

credit card or debit card payments by link

  • We offer a secure payment option for paying with a credit or debit card – PayByLink. If you choose to pay for your test order by card, we will email you our invoice as well as a link to a secure page provided by CARDSAVE on which you will be able to enter your card details and make the payment.

payment by cheque

  • Please, send your cheque and order details (name, address and tests ordered) to Sarah Myhill Limited, Upper Weston, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys LD7 1SL. Cheques should be made payable to Sarah Myhill Limited

How to cancel your order?

If you decide not to proceed with your order for a test/tests please let the office know as soon as possible. I will refund the full cost of test(s) and the letter to your GP, less an administration charge of £25, providing that the laboratory has not already performed the test/tests.

Cancelling an appointment

If it is an appointment that you wish to cancel (please note - this will have been paid for already in advance) --- then the office must be given three working days notice to avoid you having to pay an admin charge of £25 (for a 45 minute appointment) or £35 (for an hour's appointment), i.e. in that event you will have a refund less the admin charge. However if the appointment is re-scheduled the fee already paid will transfer to the new appointment.

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