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Update on availability

N.B. Testing is not currently available to new patients

1.No new patient consultations are currently being accepted.

2.‘Correspondence only’ patients (i.e. those who have had testing done through Dr Myhill but have never spoken with her at a consultation) may order repeat or other tests as required.

3. All other test requests from non-patients remain suspended.

The Doctors Laboratory fingerprick tests

  • An important aim of this website is to give people direct access to medical tests to help them to diagnose and manage their own problems.
  • The Doctors Laboratory ('TDL') now offer blood tests which can be can be done with a few drops of blood into a 'tiny' blood tube. Kits can be sent from the laboratory direct to patients for home testing so long as the result is received and interpreted by a doctor. With such small volumes only one test can be done on one specimen, but of course many tests can be done if the requisite number of 'tiny' samples are collected and sent off for analysis. The full range of tests available can be found at

The Doctors Laboratory Test List

Here is a 3 minute 39 second YouTube giving full instructions for taking blood for TDL:

YouTube Link - TDL Tiny Blood Sample Instructions from The Doctors Laboratory Oct 2015

It is appreciated that not all patients will be able to stand whilst collecting blood [as recommended in this YouTube] - the collection method works sitting or lying down.

  • To order any one, or more, of these TDL 'tiny' tests requires a medical questionnaire which can be accessed at Medical Questionnaire. Copy and paste this to (Gail) so that the kits can be sent to you directly.
  • In addition to these TDL 'tiny' tests, there are many other tests that can be ordered via my website.
  • These other tests, as listed below, are only available to UK residents. The same is true for the TDL 'tiny' tests.
  • Test pages can be viewed from the list below or from the articles to which they are linked. Simply click on the links below.
  • This website works on trust. There are no disclaimers; that is to say that I trust you to use this site responsibly and you must trust my staff and me to give you the best possible service. Human error is always possible but we bear full responsibility for any advice or recommendations that we make to you, based on the information we receive.
  • Please, make sure you have read the page When not to use this website
  • If you cannot find the test you wish to have, please send Gail an email with all the test details you have and she will tell you if she can organise it for you.
  • Test prices may change from time to time without prior announcement and in line with the changes made by the laboratories performing the tests.

Placing an order

  • If you choose to correspond with my office by email, please, ensure that the email addresses of my secretaries are added to your "safe addresses" list. We have now had many cases of messages with attachments (my advice and your results) not reaching the recipient's Inbox. Around the time when your advice is due, you should also check your JUNK and SPAM folders, in case the message was diverted there.
  • Out of courtesy, please inform your GP that you are having some tests done through this website.
  • The ordering process and the fees are described in Ordering Tests.
  • The tests described on this website require a doctor's referral. When you order a test through my website, I will refer you for that test. This means I will provide you with the test kit and the laboratory's request form (which will have my name on it as the "referring doctor"). Please, do not contact the laboratories directly for a test kit.

What happens after you have sent the samples to the laboratory

  • The test result(s) will come to me which will be sent on to you, and I will write to you with an interpretation of the result(s). The quality of the advice that I give will be much better if I have details of your health problems. This information will provide the context for my interpretation of the results. The easiest way to supply such information is by completing and returning to me a medical questionnaire - see Ordering Tests for more information on how to do it.
  • When I recommend a prescription only medication I will need to write a letter to your GP, the hope is that your GP will be able to help with that treatment. If this is not possible, I may be able to prescribe this for you, but only with your GP's full knowledge. This means that I would be writing to your GP again informing him/her of what I am doing. There is normally a fee for my time in doing so.
  • If you have any questions about the ordering process or the availability of tests not listed on this website, please send your enquiry to Gail.

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